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The Board of Directors

Michał Lewicki

President of the Board

The key requirement for conducting effective business are competences and good relations. Multiserwis holds unique knowledge concerning substantive, formal and professional issues. At the same time, we make endeavors to develop relations on a current basis, in order to achieve the highest level also in this field. Thus defined organizational culture allows us to implement the assumed goals in an effective manner, maintaining high ethical standards of our business.

Paweł Zieliński

Member of the Board

A positive image of every enterprise depends on its efficiency and flexibility in responding to the needs of customers, not only by providing the service itself, but also by performing a variety of administrative tasks, which are often invisible to customers. The operation of our Human Resources Department, Payroll Department, Financial Department and Fixed Assets Department is based on trust, flexibility and a fast decision making process. These activities are integrated into the service provision process in such a way so as to be effective and unnoticeable to customers. We navigate through the maze of legal regulations with confidence and our customers can be certain that we always comply with all legal standards, especially with those relating to fair treatment and remuneration of employees in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and specific requirements of particular European countries.

Kornelia Tomala

Member of the Board
Director of Assembly Services

We have been offering services for foreign markets since our Company was established. With four foreign branches and numerous certificates and permits, we can quickly prepare for construction projects in many European countries in compliance with the local legal provisions.
Assembly services provided by our assembly teams in the industry and construction sectors contribute to completion of many large projects.
High quality of our assembly services and well qualified employees are a guarantee of customer satisfaction, while extensive experience in the provision of services in foreign markets ensures successful cooperation with every new customer.