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System’s elements

HSEQ is priority

Every year, we provide our employees with one-day refresher training on occupational health and safetyrules. We also organize additional training for employees working at a height.

Once a year, we organize occupational health and safety days in our company.

To make sure that our employees who work at different construction sites return home safe and sound, we also cooperate with OHS services of our customers. This cooperation involves:

  • definition and identification of risks at the construction site,
  • collection of information on near misses and accident hazards,
  • provision of job-specific training,
  • monitoring compliance with occupational health and safety rules and the use of personal protection equipment.

We always request our customers to work with us on a wide range of HSEQ issues.

For many years, we have had the following certificates:
OHSAS 18001     SCC     ISO 9001     ISO 14001



Health is one of the most precious values. It is our essential responsibility to provide proper working conditions to maintain and protect the health of our employees.



We are responsible for our own safety and for the safety of our employees. There is nothing more important than ensuring safe working conditions for employees to protect their health and lives. We strive to make sure that they work in an accident-free environment, because we know that hazards and accidents can be avoided by proper organization of every workplace.



Our management system takes into account longterm protection of the environment: we comply both with the relevant legal requirements and with the rules adopted by our Company.



Qality is very important and we always bear it in mind as we try to satisfy the requirements of our customers. The quality of all our processes is monitored on a continuous basis. “There is no better referral than good quality”.