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Instructions on invitations and other benefits

In our company we always compete fairly. Giving or accepting gifts, entertainment or hospitality are often considered as common in everyday business. To eliminate the risk that such activities have an impact on business decisions, the principles and rules have been implemented:.

  • The benefit must be modest and appropriate. This is judged from the recipient’s perspective taking into account the specific circumstances, economic status and business location.
  • Repeated or systematic benefits are forbidden, irrespective of the individual value.
  • Provided benefits must be recorded transparently and in detail.
  • Benefits are not offered or accepted either directly or indirectly with the intention or supposed intention to influence decisions or to obtain an improper advantage or to improperly avoid a disadvantage for Multiserwis or the respective employee.
  • The benefit must not damage Multiserwis’ reputation if made public.
  • Both the person providing the benefit and the recipient act in accordance with applicable laws and internal regulations. This especially applies to public officials, who are subject to particularly stringent rules.
  • Gifts and invitations shall only be sent to the recipient’s business address.
  • The person delivering the invitation shall also take part in the event.
  • No cash or cash equivalents (gift certificates, vouchers) are permitted.
  • Benefits shall never be requested.