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Industrial construction

For many customers, the plettac RUSZTOWANIA Branch is the primary provider of comprehensive scaffolding services for the industry and general construction.

Due to years of experience gained at construction sites in Poland and abroad and continuous development of our staff, we can provide comprehensive services for every construction sites in Poland and abroad, comprising all stages of the process: planning, delivery, assembly and dismantling of scaffoldings.

As part of our services, we provide 24-hour scaffolding service for our customers that ensures support the completion of a large number of industrial projects.

Our activities focus on the following industry sectors:

  • energy industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • general construction

We also provide services for other industry sectors, including cement plants, iron and steel works, mines, sewage treatment plants, shipyards and sugar plants.

We also provide other services, including:

  • “facility management” services: warehouse management, clearance of construction sites, operation of lifts and hoists etc.

Industrial construction is a key area in which a scaffolding company can demonstrate its skills and competence. It is where we are confronted with the most sophisticated needs and requirements, for which we supply suitable solutions.

Our know-how helps customers to put their investment plans into effect in a fast and efficient way. Plettac RUSZTOWANIA has completed a large number of major contracts with leading industrial companies in Poland and Europe.