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Repsol Cartagena C-10

Orderer: Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services Spain S.A.
Project’s Name: Repsol Cartagena C-10
Executed works: Execution of prefabricated products and assembly of thermal insulation – 142.000m2 of insulation


Orderer: Cobra Group
Project’s Name: Andasol
Executed works: Insulation of pipe works and devices

Ormen Lange Maintenance

Orderer: BIS Industries AS
Project’s Name: Ormen Lange Maintenance
Executed works: Anticorrosive works, fire protection means, assembly of thermal insulation and scaffoldings

Assembly of the air filter

Orderer: BIS Gerber
Project’s Name: Assembly of the air filter for gas turbine
Executed works: Mechanical assembly of the filter

Arge Tunnel Silberberg

Orderer: Tunnel Silberberg
Project’s Name: Arge Tunnel Silberberg
Executed works: Works connected with drilling tunnels. 7.390km of tunnel drilled using traditional method

Segment Factory

Orderer: MCG Malmö Citytunnel Group
Project’s Name: Segment Factory
Executed works: Production of concrete elements

Bioagra Goświnowice

Orderer: Prochem S.A. and Boccard
Project’s Name: Bioagra Goświnowice
Executed works: Insulation of apparatus and devices along with installation’ piping for ethanol production

Production of prefabricated products

Orderer: Internal and external clients
Project’s Name: Production of prefabricated products in the central workshop in Krapkowice
Executed works: Preparation works during production of prefabricated products