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Insulation in industry

Thermal Insulation

In order to execute good insulation, several factors are essential – appropriately selected insulation techniques, types and thickness of insulation materials, selection of cladding materials, proven joining systems and assembly’ organisation. We use technologies that comply with Polish norms, German norms DIN, VDI, AGI and European standards.

Appropriate solutions concerning supporting structure, limit to the minimum level disadvantageous effect of cold bridges and ensure the appropriate assembly of insulation protecting coat. We supply the full assortment of external coats for insulation protection depending on the aggressiveness of environment and client’s requirements.

Hot Insulation

  • power boilers
  • waste incinerating plant
  • biomass incinerating plany
  • desulphurisation installations and De NOx
  • electrostatic precipitators
  • technological vessels and devices
  • pipe works and ducts
  • heating and technological installations
  • turbines

Cold Insulation

  • technological devices
  • pipe works
  • vessels

Acoustic Insulation

We produce acoustic casings meant for machines and industrial devices which emit excessive noise.

  • fans
  • turbines
  • filters, ducts
  • bolting mills, blower
  • other devices

Insulation of Facades

We execute facades’ insulation with coat from trapezoidal metal sheets .

  • buildings
  • vessels
  • canals

Insulation of technical interior equipment

We execute insulation of installation in buildings which fulfil requirements of the environmental protection, and we use materials that are certified by the National Institute of Public Health in Poland (PZH).

  • insulation of ventilation and air conditioning ducts
  • insulation of heating and fire protection installations
  • insulation of water and sewerage installations
  • insulation of technological installations
  • anti-condensation insulation

Electric trace heating

Electric trace heating

We execute complete services in the scope of electric trace heating. Modern design formulations, highest class materials, assembly and constant service executed by specialists, allow to ensure optimal solution which is a guarantee of our Clients’ satisfaction. Heating materials are selected accordingly to technical requirements (temperature, explosion class and environmental conditions). We always use heating materials of reliable producers (self regulating cables, stable resistance metallic or Teflon cables). Apart from assembly of the installations we also offer periodical inspections of those installations as well as repairs on the site.

We carry out the Client through the whole cycle of project, starting from calculations of needed strengths and selection of optimal type of heating cable, through preparing executive designs, assembly of heating installations on the site, technical acceptance, till start up and post-implementation review.

The offered scope of heating substances is very wide, and covers typical substances like water, oil as well as acids, bases, lecithin, fructose, chocolate, butter, petrochemicals, dusts from desulphurize installation, tars and tarries, pitch and other substances which need high temperatures.

We design and carry out electric heating installations in the hazardous Ex explosions zones.

Areas of applications:

  • protection from freezing
  • maintenance of technological temperatures
  • medium’s heating

Installations heated electrically:

  • pipelines
  • vessels
  • funnels of electrostatic precipitators
  • tanks
  • pouring arms
  • ramps
  • scales

Our heating installations are used in following industries:

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical industry
  • power industry
  • heating industry
  • food industry
  • coking industry

Specialized Services

The assembly of industrial insulation

Our experience that has been gained in the country and abroad, allows us to realize various orders. We ensure professional assembly and good organization while realizing the order.

We specialize in the assembly of dust settling installations in following trades:

  • lime- cement
  • chemical
  • mineral raw materials
  • power
  • foundry

The assembly of industrial halls

We provide complete and fragmentary services in the scope of halls’ execution. The delivery and assembly of main and supporting steel structures, the assembly of walls and roofs’ light cladding.

We specialize in the light housing assembly in following systems:


  • layered boards with the polyurethane core, mineral wool or foamed polystyrene
  • façade’s panels
  • system - cassette, mineral wool, metal sheet


  • layered boards
  • trapezoid metal sheet with thermal insulation from mineral wool or foamed polystyrene and layers of hydro-insulation.

For above-mentioned system we offer deliveries and assembly of gates, doors, windows, skylights and other façade’s and roofs’ elements.