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Assembly services in construction

We successfully realize assembly services in construction. Since 2004, we have been participating in the most of major tunnels’ projects Austria, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Assembly services in tunnel construction

  • operating and maintenance of drilling machine
  • operating mobile boarding
  • typical tunnel boarding
  • boarding in the open system
  • handling of segments’ production line (Tübbings)
  • segments’ production in normal system
  • assembly of segment tunnel boards
  • tunnel works’ logistics
  • operating of pumps and concrete conveyors
  • loading works and winning transportation
  • cosmetics and insulation of tunnel’s concrete parts
  • assembly of fitting – console, banisters, cable tracing, grounding of fire proofing installation

Assembly services in engineering and road construction

  • carpentry services
  • assembly of reinforcement and concreting
  • operating of heavy equipment – loader, roller, drillings, gantry, crane, trucks and locomotives
  • distribution of asphalt
  • concrete laboratory handling
  • the assembly of bearing structure and fire protective boards

Assembly services in general construction

  • carpentry services
  • assembly of reinforcement and concreting
  • bricklaying works
  • demolition works
  • finishing works

The assembly of ventilation
and air conditioning installations.
Execution of complete ventilation installations.

  • the assembly of ventilation ducts and pipes
  • building of complete ventilation central stations
  • rebuilding of existing installations
  • the assembly of fans and silencers
  • reading installation plans and self-reliance assembly
  • the assembly of air supply and exhaust boxes

Systems of Interior’ Light Building

We provide services in the scope
of non-bearing systems of walls and ceiling
of light construction

  • in modern building
  • while renovating old buildings

Suspended ceilings

  • board and gypsum of various fire-proof classes
  • systems:
    • metal
    • paneling
    • fire-proofing
    • ceiling from wire mesh

Partition walls

  • consisting of metal bearing construction, acoustic insulation, boards, fillings and preparing for painting
  • walls for sanitary installations assembly
  • the assembly of frames, doors and glass walls

Assembly Services in Industry

Our specialist brigades provide assembly services on many foreign refineries, petrochemistry and shipyards in the scope of building ships and platforms. Employees are well trained and possess certificates of job qualifications and work safety “SCC”.

Assembly services on ships

  • insulation of walls and ceilings
  • insulation of outlet ducts
  • insulation of pipes in engine room
  • assembly of wall and ceiling panels
  • assembly of furniture fitting
  • laying down the floor
  • floor pouring
  • assembly of ventilation and air conditioning

Assembly services on platforms

  • anti corrosive works
  • fire protect insulation CHARTEK 7®
  • insulation of pipelines and devices
  • finishing social room interiors
  • rope access

Assembly services on refineries and petrochemisty

  • blasting with copper slag, shot and sand
  • painting - manual, spraying, electrostatic
  • fire protect insulation CHARTEK 7®
  • metallising, application of zinc or aluminium
  • hot and cold insulation
  • scaffoldings assembly