Global standards on the local market


Health, Safety, Environment, Quality – the pillars of our activity

HSEQ is an abbreviation taken from the English language (from the words Health, Safety, Environment, Quality), which refers to health protection, occupational safety, environmental protection and quality. These values ​​are the main elements of the management system operating in MULTiSERWIS. They are based on international standards and best global practices.


Only safe work is good work

  • Each of our employees undergoes theoretical and practical training in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • We organize work so that everyone feels safe.
  • Our goal is to prevent any accidents on the premises of MULTiSERWIS and in places where we provide our services.
  • We promote building a culture of safe work and constantly improve teamwork methods.
  • Our internal solutions regarding health and safety at work contain more restrictive provisions than those imposed on us by Polish and European law.


Your health is the most importaint thing you have, and you need to stay safe

  • We strictly stick to the rules of breaks at work and also holidays, contained in our internal documents.
  • Our employees undergo comprehensive medical examinations, performed by a specialist doctor, necessary to allow them to work in special conditions (e.g. when working at height).
  • In interpersonal relationships, we focus on empathy and mutual respect. In the case of health problems of employees, we are understanding and try to provide all useful help.
  • We take care of occupational hygiene by testing harmful factors in the work environment and implementing ergonomic solutions.
  • We comply with the rules of work organization, we use proven and reliable equipment. The performed activities are supervised by people with appropriate qualifications and authorizations.

Environment Protection

Protecting the environment we protect the quality of our lives

  • We use modern technologies that reduce gas emissions to a minimum.
  • We install thermal insulation that saves energy and contributes to reducing environmental pollution.
  • We focus on ecological solutions, possibly using environmentally neutral materials.
  • We conduct trainings and increase environmental awareness by encouraging employees to take pro-environmental activities.


Good quality is the best reference

  • The services we provide are based on the Polish and European standards (including DIN, VDI, AGI).
  • Professionals with appropriate knowledge (confirmed by certificates and diplomas) and professional experience are the ones responsible for the quality of the services provided by our company.
  • The quality of our services is appreciated by the largest Polish and European enterprises.
  • We only use materials from the best and proven producers.
  • Our customers give us excellent feedback and rate us as a company focused on meeting their requirements in the best possible way.