Scaffoldings for construction sites and the general industry


Our many years of experience on domestic and foreign construction sites as well as high material potential, continuous improvement of the work system enable us to guarantee the service of every construction site, both in the country and abroad, from planning through design, delivery, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding.

As part of the services we provide, we also offer our clients a round-the-clock scaffolding service, which enables continuous adaptation of the scaffolding structure to the needs of their users, which is extremely important in industrial projects. Our activities mainly cover the industry of:

  • energetic,
  • petrochemical, chemical,
  • cement,
  • metallurgical.

We also provide our services to other industries, such as waste incineration plants, shipyards, sugar factories, food, wood, pharmaceutical industries, and sewage treatment plants.

550.000 m2/m3

of scaffolding


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Multiserwis is one of the European leaders in the scaffolding market. We offer a range of services and solutions that fully meet the needs of customers.

We operate flexibly and look for optimal solutions in every situation. Our scaffolding designs are tailored to individual customer requirements.

Classic and modern structures.

Our offer includes modular scaffolding – the most classic system scaffolding for industry. Their structure consists of elements that are connected at nodal points with a given distance. As a result, there is a great possibility of adaptation to difficult horizontal projections and various heights of buildings. Modular scaffoldings can be used to create:

  • Spatial scaffolding – structures on which working platforms with an area of ​​up to several thousand square meters can be mounted. Spatial scaffoldings are versatile, and therefore they can be used to hold and support people, materials and equipment.
  • Suspended scaffolding – an innovative solution, suspended on construction consoles, chains or attached directly to the structure and mounted from the top down! Thanks to this, we make scaffolding, e.g. for the renovation of bridges – hanging over the water, etc.
  • Facade scaffolding – designed for facilities with large wall surfaces. Contrary to frame scaffoldings, the modular system enables the scaffolding to be built with sophisticated facades, e.g. with slant walls, arched structures and with many obstacles, such as: pipelines, installations, etc., which allows even very unusual tasks to be carried out.
  • Special scaffolding – we provide services in the field of assembly of non-standard structures based on scaffolding elements, e.g. protective scaffolding with power cables, temporary halls made of scaffolding elements, supporting structures, winter coverings.

Extensive experience and numerous collaborations have allowed us to gain the status of a leader in the Polish scaffolding market.

We have been supplying scaffolding for the industry for over 30 years. We are specialists in the field of scaffolding design for construction sites, mining, energy power plants and many others. We regularly participate in domestic and foreign projects, working all over Europe.

What makes us stand out?

  • The enormous potential of modular scaffolding elements, allowing for the implementation of every task.
  • We are a significant supplier of qualified personnel for scaffolding companies located in Western and Northern Europe.
  • Flexibility in terms of contacts almost all over Europe.
  • Owning a Design Studio that prepares technical documentation.
  • Positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers.



Our portfolio includes over 4,000 projects at construction sites all over Europe.

We work in various billing models, including turnkey. As the undisputed leader in the industry, we set standards, and our references have been our best strenght for 30 years.

  • we set standards
  • we train young generations
  • we are always looking for new solutions


If you have any questions, or you want to learn more about our services and our offer – contact us today!