The core of our success are people.



Chairman of the Board
General Director



For over twenty years he has been working in the business environment, combining the theory of organization management with the practice of building teams. He sets goals and then consistently implements and enforces them.

A graduate of WSZ in Opole and the Personal Leadership Academy program at the Ican Institute.

He has been associated with Multiserwis since 1997. In the year 2018, as the operational director, he was appointed to the management board of the company, and 2 years later, in the year 2020, he became the president of the management board.

As a leader, he combines experiences and opinions in such a way as to present clarity of direction and a common goal, thus building agile, self-organizing teams.

He is a happy husband, father of 2 daughters, hobbyist associated with the music industry.

Member of the Board 
Chief Financial Officer



Paweł Zieliński_kwadrat

Despite twenty-five years of activity in the field of finance and banking, he still feels the joy of everyday duties. Every day he learns something new and develops the organization by modifying internal processes.

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. He has been working for Multiserwis since the year 2000, and since the year 2003 he has been a Member of the Management Board. At the same time, from the year 2020 he is the Financial Director of the Poland Region in the structure of the Bilfinger SE concern.

He manages using the basics of logic, is consistent and tries to be practical in the proposed solutions to problems.

Outside of his professional field, he is passionate about backpacking trips, mountain climbing and photography.

KT 400px

Member of the Board
Assembly Services Industry Director



She started working in the company as a assistant, working part-time.

As a result of the company’s rapid development, she moved to work in the export department, and then ran the marketing department, which dealt mainly with acquisitions.

Since the year 2005, she has been a member of the management board. She is responsible for development on the Austrian and German markets, keeping in touch with the clients and contract negotiations.


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Director of Development


Fotografia biznesowa Fot. Miłosz Paździerski

Industrial Insulation Department Director


Edmund Dmytryk kwadrat

Production and Trade Director,



Compliance Representative
Agata Karpała

Agata is a manager with many years of experience in operational management and human resources. An alumna of the Postgraduate Studies in “Compliance in Organization” at the University of Economics in Wrocław.

She has been the Compliance Representative since October 2018. Responsible for building awareness of business ethics and promoting high standards in the organization. She supports business in the implementation of the Compliance Management System assumptions that are in present in the Bilfinger group.

Off work she is a happy wife and mother of a teenage girl. She reads detective stories, but does not remember their titles, she walks in the mountains, but not in winter time, she rides a bike, but a maximum of 60 km at a time.

Manager of the Research and Development Department and Manager of the Production Preparation Office

Tomasz Sitkowski

He is with Multiserwis since the year 2006. He started his career as a Junior Project Implementation Specialist. He was the Manager of the Service Department, Contract Manager, Senior Production Preparation Specialist. In March 2020, he assumed the position of the Head of the Research and Development Department and the Manager of the Production Preparation Office. Additionally, he acts as a Welding Engineer in the Organization (PL / IWE / 2896/2019). He manages the current activities of the Research and Development Department, develops strategies related to innovation, defines goals and conditions and methods of their implementation. In addition, he is responsible for the implementation of digitization, supervises the processes of preparation of production and execution of contracts, and oversees the proper implementation of all welding works in the Organization.

He is married, a happy father of two sons. He spends his free time on the football field with them, plays badminton, rides a bike, enjoys long walks and swims regularly.

Head of the Design Studio

Piotr Kmiecik

In Multiserwis since 2004. He was successively: Production Preparation Specialist, Site Engineer, Training Specialist, Senior Inspector – Specialist – Senior Health and Safety Specialist, Quality Management Representative (Industrial Scaffolding Department), Designer, and then Manager of the Design Studio.

Since the year 2011, he has a construction license to design and manage construction works without restrictions, in the construction and building specialty, and since the year 2017, in the Technical and Construction Specialization, in the field of scaffolding and multifunctional formwork.

In 2013, at the Institute of Building Engineering at the Wrocław University of Technology, he obtained a PhD in technical sciences in the field of construction science.

Currently, he manages the Design Studio, specializing in the implementation of technical scaffolding projects – both in Poland and for foreign contractors (in accordance with the Eurocode design rules). As part of the cooperation with the industrial insulation industry, the Design Studio also performs static calculations for the substructure and insulation casing.

He is the author or co-author of over 120 publications in trade magazines and an expert of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Scaffolding.