From Krapkowice to the whole world

Professional central workshop

At the headquarters of MULTiSERWIS in Krapkowice, we manufacture products for industrial insulation, such as:

  • supporting and load-bearing structures,
  • Prefabricated materials for a protective coat for insulation,
  • Insulating mattresses.

We use our products on our own construction sites. We also deliver them to external clients, both domestic and abroad – in Germany, Austria, Australia, Japan, Oman, Uruguay, Argentina and many other places.

Supporting and load-bearing structure

We produce supporting and load-bearing structures used for the assembly of all types of insulation in various industrial installations.

 Our structures are made of such materials as:

  • Galvanized steel beam (2-5 mm thick),
  • Acid-resistant steel frame (2-5 mm thick),
  • Coating made of boiler steel (2-5 mm thick),
  • Galvanized sections (channels, angles).

Sheet metal prefabricates

Sheet metal prefabricates are used as a protective coat for the insulation of all kinds of industrial installations – pipelines, elbows or fittings.

In the MULTiSERWIS workshop, we produce standard sheet metal products, including:

  • Pipe sections,
  • Elbows,
  • T-pieces,
  • Reducers,
  • End-caps,
  • Flange boxes,
  • Valve boxes.


Standard prefabrications are made of:

  • aluminum sheets,
  • galvanized sheets,
  • Alu-zinc sheets.


Prefabrications of other types of sheets and non-standard prefabrication are made on the client’s individual request.

Insulating mattresses

Insulating mattresses are used as ready to use elements of insulation in hard-to-reach places, complicated fittings or devices like for example turbines.

Insulating mattresses are made of fabrics resistant to high temperatures. We use various types of insulation materials to fill them, such as:

  • Mineral wool,
  • Microtherm,
  • Pyrogel,
  • Ceramic wool.

The unquestionable advantage of insulating mattresses is easy disassembly and reassembly for service and renovation services.

Materials and products sale

MULTiSERWIS sells materials and products.

For the comfort of our clients:

  • We sell various types of metal sheets, in 150-kg rolls (6 pieces on 1 pallet) or in sheets of any length (upon agreement with the customer).
  • We assemble materials for construction – both insulating materials, fastening accessories and final MULTiSERWIS products – according to individual needs. We deliver the materials directly to the customer’s construction site, anywhere in the world.
  •  We deliver materials and products to customers by land, sea and air (for Turn Key projects). We organize the delivery in full range of Incoterms.


Our portfolio includes over 4,000 projects at construction sites all over Europe.

We work in various billing models, including turnkey. As the undisputed leader in the industry, we set standards, and our references have been our best strenght for 30 years.

  • we set standards
  • we train young generations
  • we are always looking for new solutions